Ballast Water Treatment System
선박평형수 안의 수중생물과 미생물 등을
살균처리하여 해양생태계 교란을 막기 위해
고안된 친환경 관리 시스템입니다.
Hanla IMS Co., Ltd has developed eco-friendly EcoGuardianTM
system for treating Aquatic Invasive Species in a ship’a ballast water.
So Relocation of other equipment and additional engineering can be minimized.
Ballast Water Treatment System
Main Control Panel
  • A control system consists of a main control panel and Human Machine Interface.
  • It helps a user operate and control EcoGuardian in an easy and simple way.
Electro Chlorination Unit
  • Flow capacity : 130 ~ 6,000 ㎥ / hr
  • Solution : Total Residual Oxidants (TRO)
  • H2 Treatment : Seperate by degassing system
Neutralization Unit
  • the de-ballast water is neutralized by the NEU prior to discahrging overboard with the least amount of sodium thiosulfate through monitoring of TRO unit.
Auto Filter Unit
  • Flow capacity : 130 ~ 3000 ㎥ / hr
  • Low pressure drop : 0.1bar in general
  • Removes large organisms and solid particles : over 50μm
This sideline type electrolysis system can be constructed in a small size. Also due to the characterisrics of system which uses active substance as disinfectant, out system can be easily mojularized and sclable.
So our system can be installed easily with low cost even in retrofit. In some cases if needed, our system can be seated on the skid mount or containerized for easy transportation and installation.