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Eco System
선박의 부두 정박중 엔진 가동없이 선박내 전력 공급하기 위하여
육상전력을 공급하기 위한 장비입니다.
Alternative Maritime Power
선박의 부두 정박중 엔진 가동없이 선박내 전력 공급하기 위하여 육상전력을 공급하기 위한 장비입니다. AMPS는 선박의 정박중 엔진 가동을 멈춤으로서 연료비 절감과 매연으로 인한 환경오염 해결 효과가 있습니다.
Cable Reel
  1. 1Slip Ring Box
    • Furnished Slip ring assemblies for transmission of high voltage and electric signals trhoughout optical fiber
  2. 2Driving Unit
    • The apparatus to pull in (winding) or let out(unwinding) cable by using chain sprocket by activation of gear motor fitted with disc brake
  3. 3Spool (Drum)
    • Round, drum-shaped object which is capable to storage 2 laid, maximum 55meters
  4. 4Guide Roller
    • Protection device for HV(High Voltage) cable handling
Container Type AMP
  1. 1Shore Cable Reel
    • Cable reel for the connection to the shore-side SPO(Shore Power Outlet) box
  2. 2Medium Voltage Switchgear Panel
    • Panel having function to protect, control and isolate electrical equipment, 1250A capacity with class type approved
  3. 3Ship Cable Reel
    • Cable reel to the connecion to on-board SPO box
  4. 4Cable Reel Monitoring & Control Panel
    • Means to detect, monitoring and protect for ship-to-shore connection and operating conditions