Valve Remote Control System
Valve Remote Control system manufactured by HANLA IMS ard designed according to shipyard specification,client’s requirements and rule requirement of classification society. Our system division in HANLA IMS make an effort to supply the best valve remote control system at a resonable price.
Valve Remote Control System
Hydraulic Actuator
HANLA IMS hydraulic actuators type HLT-series are especially designed for the operation of quarter turn valves such as butterfly valve, plug valve and ball valves. HLT-Series hydraulic actuators are available in a range of up to 12,800 N.m at maximum working pressure (16MPa - 160 bar).
HLT-Series hydraulic actuators can be operated by stationary hand pump, portable hand pump or manual hydraulic transmitter via quick connectors or fitted pipes.
In addition, HLT-Series hydraulic actuators are applied to any place, even submerged, dry space, on deck and in hazardous area. HLT-Series hydraulic actuators provide constant output torque over the complete quarter-turn.
Electro Hydraulic Actuator
Electro-hydraulic actuator (EHLT-Series) consists of hydtaulic actuator for operating valves, limit weitch box for receiving single feedback, and micro power unit for supplying oil pressure.
Micro power unit consists of electric motor with junction box, oil tank, and main block
Main block consists of relief valve and pilot check valve. Hydraulic pupm connects with main block at the inside of oil tank.
Normal and ex-proof type are available for electric motor.
It is made of aluminum body in addition to main block.
IP68 of Electro-hydraulic actuator is available for double acting type.
Hydraulic Power Unit
"Hydraulic power unit" consists of oil reservoir, hydraulic pumps, electric motors, control panel, electric & hydraulic component and accumulators etc. All components are selected to ensure high reliability and the requirements.
Hydraulic power unit is designed to simple arrangement, easy control and easy maintenance.
Control box of hydraulic power unit can control the hydraulic pumps (Main/Stand-by) and pump selection and monitor the abnormal alarm as like pressure, level and temperature.