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Nitrogen Generator
선박의 엔진 연료 탱크 내에 존재하는 가연성 가스로 인한 폭발 위험을 방지하기 위하여 Nitrogen Generator를 통해서 불활성 가스인 질소를 생성하고 탱크에 주입하여 산소농도를 떨어뜨리는 친환경 안전 장치입니다.
Nitrogen Generator
System Description
  1. 1 Filter (U, P, S Grade)
    • When an air compressor supplies air to an air filter which is in a nitrogen generator panel, oil and solid particles in air are filtered.
    • Seperated oil and moisture are automatically discharged by a filter drain unit.
    • A diffrential pressure guage hepls checking a replacement period.
  2. 2 Heater
    • Optimal temperature of air is essential point to produce fine quality nitrogen. In the optimal condition, moisture and liquid oil are evaporated an also, volume of nitrogen is increased.
    • Temperature is consistently monitored by a heat controller and kept in steady level.
  3. 3 Membrane
    • When compressed air flows into a membrane, various air components, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and the other gasses are passed through hollow fibers in the membrane.
    • Oxygen is rapidly released outside with its high diffusion rate via the hollow fibers. But nitrogen has a low diffusion rate, so it is not filtered and flows to a next stage.
    • The nitrogen capacity is related to the flow rate, temperature and pressure of the compressor.
  4. 4 Automatic Control
    • A control panel keeps monitoring concentration of oxygen and flow of nitrogen which is controlled by automatic control valve.
    • If the concentration of oxygen is over than 3.5%, an operator receives a system alarm. And if the oxygen level is over than 4%, the system is automatically shut-down.
  5. 5 Charge / Discharge
    • Nitrogen is charged to a buffer tank up to 10 bar. When it is lower than 5 bar, nitrogen is automatically recharged to the buffer tank. (Adjustable)
    • If quality of nitrogen is not matched with a target level of the system, the nitrogen is automatically discharged through an exhaust line.
    • A diffrential pressure guage hepls checking a replacement period.
Main Monitoring
  • N2 purity air inlet pressure
  • N2 tank pressure
  • N2 flow rate
Gas Detector Monitoring
  • Sensor value audio & visual alarm
P&ID Monitoring
  • N2 purity / flow rate / air inlet / N2 tank pressure oxygen content temperature, dew point