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Emergency Shut Down System
The ESD is critical to the transfer of hazardous liquids in a marine environment.
In order to link the emergency shutdown systems of both the discahrger and the receiver
of the cargo, to enable controlled and mutual shutdown in emergency situations.
No. Equipment Description
1 Main control panel / Operation Panel Manual push button, Alarm(Lamp, Buzzer), Test Button, Status HMI Display
2 Home & Lamp Audible / Visible alarm for emergency shutdown EX d type
3 Fusible Box Fire detection Operating temp : 98℃ ~ 105℃
4 Manual Push Button Manual emergency stop botton Pump room, Manifold, Wheel house, ETC
5 Junction Box Connect ESD system of both shop and shore Manual push button
6 Pendant Portable device ( standard 30m) Manual push button
7 Pendant Wireless link selection 5-pin twist connector
8 Pneumatic Link Manual emergency stop valve, Pneumatic type fusible plug Male / Female connector, ETC
9 Air Control Pressure monitoring, Pneumatic link control Pressure transmitter, Air filter, ETC
Emergency Shut Down System
System Description
  • Application : Ship to Ship, Ship to Shore
  • Meets for current OCIMF, SIGTTO GMF guidelines
  • Suitable use hazardous area
  • Link method : Electric or Pneumatic link
  • Customized system
  1. 1 Power Supply
    • Main - AC200, 60Hz
    • UPS & Battery - DC24V, 1.3AH
  2. 2 Input Signal
    • Manual push button, Fusible plug, ESD signal from shore (wireless, electric, pneumatic), Overfill alarm, Pneumatic low pressure, ETC
  3. 3 Output Signal
    • Cargo pump trip, ESD signal to shore, Audible alarm, Visible alarm, Power fail alarm, System fail alarm, ETC
Shore ESD Alarm / Ship ESD Alarm / Mode selection / Actually output / ESD Alarm history