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Nitrogen Generator
A technology applied to stably transport ships, equipment that stabilizes fuel and prevents explosions
Nitrogen Generator
System Description
  1. 1 Filter (U, P, S Grade)
    • When an air compressor supplies air to an air filter which is in a nitrogen generator panel, oil and solid particles in air are filtered.
    • Seperated oil and moisture are automatically discharged by a filter drain unit.
    • A diffrential pressure guage hepls checking a replacement period.
  2. 2 Heater
    • Optimal temperature of air is essential point to produce fine quality nitrogen. In the optimal condition, moisture and liquid oil are evaporated an also, volume of nitrogen is increased.
    • Temperature is consistently monitored by a heat controller and kept in steady level.
  3. 3 Membrane
    • When compressed air flows into a membrane, various air components, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and the other gasses are passed through hollow fibers in the membrane.
    • Oxygen is rapidly released outside with its high diffusion rate via the hollow fibers. But nitrogen has a low diffusion rate, so it is not filtered and flows to a next stage.
    • The nitrogen capacity is related to the flow rate, temperature and pressure of the compressor.
  4. 4 Automatic Control
    • A control panel keeps monitoring concentration of oxygen and flow of nitrogen which is controlled by automatic control valve.
    • If the concentration of oxygen is over than 3.5%, an operator receives a system alarm. And if the oxygen level is over than 4%, the system is automatically shut-down.
  5. 5 Charge / Discharge
    • Nitrogen is charged to a buffer tank up to 10 bar. When it is lower than 5 bar, nitrogen is automatically recharged to the buffer tank. (Adjustable)
    • If quality of nitrogen is not matched with a target level of the system, the nitrogen is automatically discharged through an exhaust line.
    • A diffrential pressure guage hepls checking a replacement period.
Main Monitoring
  • N2 purity air inlet pressure
  • N2 tank pressure
  • N2 flow rate
Gas Detector Monitoring
  • Sensor value audio & visual alarm
P&ID Monitoring
  • N2 purity / flow rate / air inlet / N2 tank pressure oxygen content temperature, dew point